Burst Pipe Claims Around England

Burst Pipe Claims or Escape of Water can be some of the most challenging claims to settle. A burst pipe often causes more damage than can be seen. A burst pipe can happen anywhere in your own home. However, it is much more likely to occur during the colder months of spring and throughout winter.

I have put together some tips and insights that will help you better understand managing your burst pipe claim. Some insurance companies may try not to pay out or offer a lower settlement. This advice should get you on the right path to getting what you deserve.

What Happens When my Pipe Bursts?

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If you suspect or know that a pipe in your home has busted or caused an escape of water, you are best to take some immediate images to help with the investigation. Because most ‘Escape of Water’ claims causes much more damage, the settlement will be higher.

When the insurer wants to find out more, they will deploy their loss adjuster to investigate. As policies may cover exact causes such as the escape of water, that only includes the initial damage caused; however, you may not have coverage for a slow leak over a time frame.

Once you have sent your claim to the insurer and appoint their loss adjuster, they will assess the damage according to the insurer’s guidelines for the policy. Your insurance provider provides the loss adjuster with a value assessment of the damage that has occurred and finds out the cause.

Understand Your Policy and Entitlement

Upon review, water damage is typically covered by the building insurance policy. It will generally be categorised as something like ‘Escape of Water’. Therefore, your policy may include Leaky Appliances, Burst Pipes or Faulty Bathroom Equipment. ‘Escape of Water’ is a prevalent type of domestic insurance claim, with insurers paying upwards of £1 Million a day for domestic water damage claims.

Although it should be an understanding that water damage is usually covered by your insurance policy, not every water damage claim will be covered. Reading through the policies documents will show you whether you’re covered. If you are unsure what the policy is stating, I recommend using a loss assessor to break it down for you, as it can make it easier for anyone to understand.

Tips To Get a Burst Pipe Claims Accepted

In such a time of worry, a burst pipe on your property can cause unwanted stress and anxiety. Here are some tips that will hopefully allow you to have the best experience dealing with your insurer. You can hire a professional that will be able to manage complex aspects of the claim.

A Loss assessor is a firm that the policyholder hires, so does not have a bias towards the insurer. They will be able to take over the management of the claim and will ask what they require. So, to help your loss assessor, it is best to explain yourself to help get set off on the right foot.

As soon as you learn you have a burst pipe take detailed notes of the circumstances covering things such as Time, Locations and Damage Type. If you have any ideas of the cause, it is best to note them down to make sure that you retain as much information as possible. Photographic and Video evidence can go a long way in helping you back up your claim.

Burst Pipe Claims Summary

So as burst pipes are a common claim that tends to cause a high value of the damage. Therefore, it is vital to check that your insurance coverage includes ‘Escape of Water’ and to what extent you are covered. You will need to be as prepared as possible for the event of this type of damage. If you have an ‘Escape of Water’ claim and are not confident, you will get back to pre-loss condition; using a loss assessor will help give you the confidence you need.