Help With My Flood Claim

With around 5.7 million people at risk of flooding at anyone given time, it is not surprising that 1 in 6 homes are flooded. This means in the UK you are more likely to get flooded than you are to get burgled.

Before you Flood

Before you are flooded it is important to check that you have the right cover not having the right cover in place from the start. Otherwise it may mean that you may not be able to claim or that you might not get your full entitlement. It is estimated that around £266 billion of possessions in UK households are not covered against flooding on their owner’s insurance. Unfortunately, this means that if you were flooded you would not be able to claim for the damages caused.

What to do after you are flooded?

If you are flooded there are several steps that you can make that can help you when making your claim:

  • Take any photos of damage
  • Write a detailed inventory
  • Have copies of important documents.
  • Make your claim to your insurance company

Who can you turn to when you have been flooded?

The most obvious choice here is your insurers. You pay a monthly or annual payment just in case something like this was to happen. However, you need to remember that you insure is a business and like all business they need to make money. Although your insurer should be able to help you, depending on the wording of your policy, they might not offer you your full settlement. Meaning you lose out on vital money to make the necessary repairs to your home. The wording for in your insurance policy can feel as if it is written in a foreign language and can often ‘catch’ people out when making a claim.

Help with your insurance claim.

When starting your claim with your insurance company there are some important tips

  • Keep copies of any documents or pictures that you send to your insures
  • Ask for any recording of any calls made to your insurance

You may be left having issues with your insurer thinking “where can I get help with my flood claim?” Companies such as Public Loss Adjusters offer a private loss adjusting service who work entirely on your behalf. Using experts to make sure you don’t settle for less when it comes to your claim. PLA understand that when a flood happens it is a huge shock and ordeal you must come. Suddenly, you and your world is in turmoil.

You now have the job of finding trusted and reputable contractors whilst arguing with your insurer to get your full settlement. PLA can help take some of that stress away. They will work alongside the terms of your insurance to make sure you receive your full entitlement.

Public Loss adjusters can recommend trusted and vetted contactors in your local area to carry out the expert work. Meaning you get your home and life back on track quicker after the devastation caused.