Flood Restoration

Flood restoration companies in the UK

If your property has been damaged by a flood or water leak you may be in need of the services from a flood restoration company. Dritech specialise in fire and flood restoration and are a nationwide company covering the whole of the UK.

Your insurance provider may well ask you to find a couple of repair quotes for any flood damage that has occurred. Due to the amount of damage that can be caused by flooding it is imperative that you receive water damage repair estimates from a company that specialises in this type of disaster.

Flood restoration and water damage repairThis is because your local builder may not be as well equipped to deal with a water damaged property. Compared to a company that deals with flood damage on a regular basis, you could be in safer hands with a specialist in the field.

If damage has been caused by a water leak, it is essential that the source is identified as soon as possible. The longer it is left, the more water damage can be caused. This in turn will help to reduce the cost of repairs.

Not only can water damage corrode your property, it can also have a detrimental effect on your health. Water and damp are a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Unfortunately, flood restoration is not an overnight process.

If your insurance cover has temporary accommodation included in the policy, it is recommended that you take this up. Dritech can even recommend Public Loss Adjusters who can take over the management of your insurance claim. This will ensure that you receive your full entitlement and help your insurance claim run more smoothly.

Flood Restoration Companies

When a flood damage repair company is appointed, once the source of the damage has been established, your property will need to be fully dried out. This process has to be completed first of all otherwise it could further damage any repairs that may have been started.

Because water is a liquid it will most likely have found its way into many hard to reach areas of your property. This water will then have to be extracted and drying equipment will then be installed such as dehumidifiers to dry out all of the damp spots.

Once the property is completely dry, your appointed flood restoration company can go about cleaning and decontaminating your property. Furniture may also need cleaning and put into storage whilst your property is repaired.

To ensure that all flood water damage has been identified and is included within your insurance claim, your flood restoration company should now be leasing with either your insurers loss adjuster or your own appointed representative.

This will help to ensure that there are not unexpected extras that have been left out of your claim. At this point, your flood damage repair company will start leasing with you and keeping you informed whilst they complete any building repair work.