What Are Latent Defects?

What are lantent defects?

Latent defects can be described as a fault within the property that could not have been reasonably discovered through inspection before the point of sale. Generally regarding the sale of a property buyers are legally entitled to inspect a property before taking possession. However, in certain cases it is not possible to identify certain defects that can only be found by testing such as deficiencies within building materials that may come to light over time.

For example; I would not be practical for a potential buyer to go around the property trying to identify deficiencies such as trying to destroy wooden beams or brick walls in order to identify latent defects that may cause problems in the future.

Newly built properties should have a guarantee to protect the purchasers of any latent defects that may come to light down the line which would generally be included within the contract of sale. This would cover the buyer if they suddenly find that repairs are needed in the future during a length of time stated within the contract.

Latent Defects can be caused by poor workmanship or a failure of building materials. In most cases, if the defects are identified within the first couple of years, the original building contractor will normally return to your property to correct the deficiencies themselves.

Causes of Latent Defects

There are many causes of latent defects as listed below:

  • If a damp proof course has failed due to faulty materials or poor installation
  • A building can suffer from damp penetration or rising dampness within the habitable areas of the property
  • Inadequate, shallow or under strength foundations can cause subsidence
  • Inadequate foundations can also cause damage by heave
  • Wall ties or wind posts that are inadequate can cause movement resulting in damage to wall

Do You need Help or Assistance With a Building Claim?

  • Does your property have defects?
  • Was it built, converted or extended within the last 10 years?
  • Does it have the benefit of an insurance backed warranty?

If you answered yes then there may be help out the for you!

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