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Road Sweeper Hire Throughout The Highlands

Road Sweeper Hire in Elgin used to be a bit of a challenge. Elgin is one of the largest towns in the north of Scotland and is home to many small businesses.

There is also a large commercial park which houses many big-name brands such as B&Q, Asda and Matalan. From what we have seen, it was obvious Elgin was missing a road sweeper hire company.

With no company basing their head office in the Highlands. You would usually be waiting a long time also prices would be quite high. This is due to the distance travelled by the road sweepers.

State-Of-The-Art Road Sweepers

A Road Sweeper Available For Hire

Road Sweeper Hire in Elgin is now very accessible for anyone. Due to the recent founding of Highland Roadbrush you can now hire a road sweeper whenever you need one. They offer a 24-hour service meaning you don’t have to book days in advance.

Their fleet of 3 2020 Scania truck mounted road sweepers will suit all your road sweeping needs. With new safety features which aim to protect those working in proximity of the sweeper.

The large debris storage also means they can run for a longer period of time without stopping to empty. Meaning more time sweeping! They also use the most powerful dual sweeper brushes. Accompanied with high pressure spray bars.

It guarantees to restore roads and sites back to new. You can hire them from a minimum of 4 hours and there is no max hire time. However, you might have to book long term higher a few days in advance.

Professional Road Sweeper Operators

You won’t have to hire your own operator either. Highland Roadbrush supply all their sweepers with an expert sweeper operator.

Their most senior operator has 25 years of experience operating a road sweeper. They also make sure that their operators are all legally allowed to drive a road sweeper.

Meaning all have category 2 HGV licenses and certificates of professional competence. They are also very hard working and professional. Even if work is completed before the hire time is up. Instead, They will help out with any other jobs that need doing.

They can even just get out of the sweeper and start power washing any areas the sweeper couldn’t clean.

They provide road sweeper hire in Elgin and all surrounding areas. Including Banff, Keith, Nairn and the Highlands. They strive to help theses community’s.

By providing safer road conditions and supporting business. They are always looking to hire local operators. As they believe it provides a lot more trustworthy service than a big brand.