Why Choose an Independent Insurance Surveyor?

Independent Insurance Surveyors

Are you in need of an independent Insurance Surveyor? Has your property has suffered from damage to the extent that your insurer has appointed a surveyor to come out and evaluate it? Generally, this is a surveyor that is being paid for by your insurer to act on their behalf.

Did you know that you could ask to have an independent insurance surveyor to be appointed instead? Wouldn’t you rather have an unbiased surveyor who is independent assessing your insurance claim instead?

You Have The Right To Choose an Independent Insurance Surveyor

Has your property has suffered from an event that has caused substantial damage to your home or business? You may prefer to have an independent surveyor looking after your interests instead. Regardless of whether you have a domestic or commercial insurance claim a surveyor who is independent could help protect your interests. Particularly when your property is damaged by an escape of water, flooding, fire or even impact. Always insist on an independent surveyor.

Most people do not know that their insurance policy will cover them for independent surveying services. In fact, the surveying aspect of your claim is one of the most integral parts to your insurance claim. Why, you may ask? Well, your surveyor will be the person who assesses the damage to your property. In your own interest, you would hope that the surveyor has identified every bit of insurable damage that has occurred.

That surveyor will then report back to your insurer with his findings by providing them with a scope of works. This is a list of recommendations to repair your property. By having an independent surveyor compile this report will help to put your mind at ease. Simply put, this may be because you know that the surveyors are not looking out for your insurer! Instead, you have a surveyor who is not reliant on repeat custom from your insurance company.

Surveying Services After Damage To Your Property

Nationwide Surveyors NetworkYour insurer may then put the work out to tender. This involves inviting building contractors to bid for the restoration work by submitting how much they would charge the insurer to complete the repairs. Again, the tender may only go out to the insurers own network of building contractors who could be working at insurers rates, but that is a subject for another day.

Personally, I believe that it is a conflict of interest for your insurer to repeatedly appoint their own favoured surveyors to assess damage on behalf of their insured clients. That is why it is always recommended that you have a say on which type of surveyor should be appointed. Would you rather an insurance appointed surveyor or one that is independent?

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