Loss Assessor? Consider The Advantages

loss assessor

A Loss Assessor is an independent service that can replace your Insurer appointed company and work on your behalf. They will act as a middle man between you and your insurer to provide a more accurate representation of a claim. The appointed company may have a bias towards the insurer that appointed them.

Types of Claims

Loss Assessors deal with a wide variety of claims. But, The claims they deal with can range from Theft, Flood and Property Damage. Although If you are unsure, researching a companies area of speciality may help.

Plenty of loss assessor companies are offering free advice for people that call them. Still, explaining the state of your claim helps them set you in the right direction. They may even have someone in their network that can help.

Ensuring that you have all the information around your claim to hand is critical. The company needs all this information to investigate the claim. Having this information allows them to provide information/guidance over the phone.

Suppose there are any issues with your loss assessor or adjuster. You can report a problem to the financial ombudsman should you be unable to resolve the topic with the insurance company.

Finding a Trusted Loss AssessorPort Authority

Understandably it may feel daunting to get a third party involved in an insurance claim. Some people may find that the insurer appointed loss adjuster is not providing an estimated value based on your worth. They could be using their knowledge of the insurance policy favouring the insurer, giving you biased representation.

Finding a trusted Loss Assessor is relatively easy. These companies operate under the authorised Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Body. It is vital in ensuring the company does directly report to the FCA.

Also, some companies operate under a registered FCA company. But, they do not report to the FCA. Moreover, this means the company is not reporting to the FCA. That means they do not have any coverage to hold your money.

Does a Loss Assessor Charge?

The cost associated with an independent loss assessor service is most companies take a percentage of the claims payout; therefore, it tends to be a negligible difference due to the increased payout from the insurer.

For example, the insurer offers you £1000. Secondly, the loss assessor values your claim at £8000, moreover with them taking their £800, this leaves you with an extra lump sum which is more than the insurer had offered.

A topic of discussion with your Loss Assessor around cost is essential. Because they should be transparent and open about how much they charge. Moreover, give you a timeline of events. Some companies provide information and guidance for free before taking on your claim.

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