Help with business interuption claims

Business Interruption Claims Help

Business Interruption Claims can be some of the most complicated claims due to the many factors involved. A policy holder can feel lost during a business interruption claims due to  complications such as a material damage proviso. This could cause your whole business interruption claim to be rejected. An indemnity period that isn’t long enough for your business to recover will not help you. This could leave you without funds to get your business back to full operation. This is why it’s very important to read your policies to ensure you have the correct cover in place.

Do I need BI Insurance?

Deciding whether you need business interruption insurance is quite simple. You need to think if your premises where to be inaccessible could your business still function. For example, a digital marketer who only needs internet connection and a computer to work will probably not need business interruption cover. This is because would not be difficult for them to continue working if there were a peril at there premises. However, a company that uses heavy machinery or equipment will most likely need to have business interruption cover. After all, without their machinery or equipment they couldn’t function.

What Does Business Interruption Cover?

Business interruption exists to protect businesses from any property related incident that hinders the company’s ability to operate. So, you should be covered for any type of insured damage. The most common being fires and flood. It also covers bust pipes, impact, storm damage, vandalism and theft.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims And COVID-19

Free insurance policy check to find out if your are covered for business interruption due to Covid 19Many business owners across the country are seeking expert advice about business interruption claims as a result of COVID-19. As mentioned, many business interruption policies include a material damage proviso. In most cases, this states that there must be some form of physical damage for business interruption cover to enact.

As COVID-19 is a virus, it causes interruption by staff not being able to work, therefore the business cannot function. However, no physical damage to the premises is caused. Therefore, the material damage proviso protects the insurer from having to pay out.

If you need assistance with your claim during this time I recommend contacting Public Loss Adjusters. They are a independent loss adjusting firm who work exclusively for policy holders ensuring they get everything there entitled to.

Not sure if your business interruption insurance covers you due to Covid-19? Public Loss Adjusters are offering a free insurance policy check to all businesses who are not sure. For more information visit their website: www.publiclossadjusters.comRead the rest

Road Sweeping Services in Elgin and the Highlands

Road Sweeper Hire Elgin

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Road Sweeper Hire Throughout The Highlands

Road Sweeper Hire in Elgin used to be a bit of a challenge. Elgin is one of the largest towns in the north of Scotland and is home to many small businesses.

There is also a large commercial park which houses many big-name brands such as B&Q, Asda and Matalan. From what we have seen, it was obvious Elgin was missing a road sweeper hire company.

With no company basing their head office in the Highlands. You would usually be waiting a long time also prices would be quite high. This is due to the distance travelled by the road sweepers.

State-Of-The-Art Road Sweepers

A Road Sweeper Available For Hire

Road Sweeper Hire in Elgin is now very accessible for anyone. Due to the recent founding of Highland Roadbrush you can now hire a road sweeper whenever you need one. They offer a 24-hour service meaning you don’t have to book days in advance.

Their fleet of 3 2020 Scania truck mounted road sweepers will suit all your road sweeping needs. With new safety features which aim to protect those working in proximity of the sweeper.

The large debris storage also means they can run for a longer period of time without stopping to empty. Meaning more time sweeping! They also use the most powerful dual sweeper brushes. Accompanied with high pressure spray bars.

It guarantees to restore roads and sites back to new. You can hire them from a minimum of 4 hours and there is no max hire time. However, you might have to book long term higher a few days in advance.

Professional Road Sweeper Operators

You won’t have to hire your own operator either. Highland Roadbrush supply all their sweepers with an expert sweeper operator.

Their most senior operator has 25 years of experience operating a road sweeper. They also make sure that their operators are all legally allowed to drive a road sweeper.

Meaning all have category 2 HGV licenses and certificates of professional competence. They are also very hard working and professional. Even if work is completed before the hire time is up. Instead, They will help out with any other jobs that need doing.

They can even just get out of the sweeper and start power washing any areas the sweeper couldn’t clean.

They provide road sweeper hire in Elgin and all surrounding areas. Including Banff, Keith, Nairn and the Highlands. They strive to help theses community’s.

By providing safer road conditions and supporting business. They are always looking to hire local operators. As they believe it provides a lot more trustworthy service than a big brand.… Read the rest

Help with my flood claim

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With around 5.7 million people at risk of flooding at anyone given time, it is not surprising that 1 in 6 homes are flooded. This means in the UK you are more likely to get flooded than you are to get burgled.

Before you flood

Before you are flooded it is important to check that you have the right cover not having the right cover in place from the start. Otherwise it may mean that you may not be able to claim or that you might not get your full entitlement. It is estimated that around £266 billion of possessions in UK households are not covered against flooding on their owner’s insurance. Unfortunately, this means that if you were flooded you would not be able to claim for the damages caused.

What to do after you are flooded?

If you are flooded there are several steps that you can make that can help you when making your claim:

  • Take any photos of damage
  • Write a detailed inventory
  • Have copies of important documents.
  • Make your claim to your insurance company

Who can you turn to when you have been flooded?

The most obvious choice here is your insurers. You pay a monthly or annual payment just in case something like this was to happen. However, you need to remember that you insure is a business and like all business they need to make money. Although your insurer should be able to help you, depending on the wording of your policy, they might not offer you your full settlement. Meaning you lose out on vital money to make the necessary repairs to your home. The wording for in your insurance policy can feel as if it is written in a foreign language and can often ‘catch’ people out when making a claim.

Help with your insurance claim.

When starting your claim with your insurance company there are some important tips

  • Keep copies of any documents or pictures that you send to your insures
  • Ask for any recording of any calls made to your insurance

You may be left having issues with your insurer thinking “where can I get help with my flood claim?” Companies such as Public Loss Adjusters offer a private loss adjusting service who work entirely on your behalf. Using experts to make sure you don’t settle for less when it comes to your claim. PLA understand that when a flood happens it is a huge shock and ordeal you must come. Suddenly, you and your world is in turmoil.

You now have the job of finding trusted and reputable contractors whilst arguing with your insurer to get your full settlement. PLA can help take some of that stress away. They will work alongside the terms of your insurance to make sure you receive your full entitlement.

Public Loss adjusters can recommend trusted and vetted contactors in your local area to carry out the expert work. Meaning you get your home and life back on track quicker after the devastation caused. … Read the rest

New Kitchens Blackpool

Kitchens in Blackpool

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Are you thinking about buying new kitchens in Blackpool? Why not have a fantastic new kitchen designed just the way you want it? A new designer kitchen would be a great addition to your home. Just think how more attractive your home would be. It will completely change the look and feel of your home.

When designing new kitchens in Blackpool, it should be in a style exactly the way you like it. First of all, you need to decide of the colours that you prefer to ensure that it fits in with the rest of your home. You can choose your kitchen units, doors and cupboards just the way you like. Then there are other fixtures and fittings and also the appliances that you would like.

It is no easy job deciding how you would like your Blackpool Kitchen to look like is it? After all, your brand-new kitchen will last for many years to come. You should ensure that your new fitted kitchen is going to be perfect. Otherwise you will be stuck with it.

Trade Prices Kitchens in Blackpool

Imagine what you can cook in your new kitchenOne of the best things about kitchen design in Blackpool is that its completely personalised. By having complete control over the design process, this will ensure that it make a fantastic addition to your home. Just imagine, you could choose anything you like as long as it fits around the scope you have for your kitchen. It can be completely personalised based on what you want.

Do you choose a small oven or a large oven that can fit in half the contents of your freezer all in one go? Whatever the style of decoration is you are able to choose matching materials to make a perfect match.

The good news is that there are kitchen showrooms in Blackpool that are able to design a kitchen just the way you want it. By using state of the art kitchen design software, you can have a glimpse of how your fitted kitchen would look before installation.

Kitchens Showrooms, Suppliers and Fitters

Imagine choosing a kitchen worktop that you thought would look great but suddenly realise it doesn’t go. No problem whatsoever, a simple click of the mouse and your next preferred worktop is there. This is one of the many advantages when it comes to planning your kitchen with specialist kitchen design software.

Once it has been designed you may be please to find out that you could buy your kitchen at trade prices. Just think how much money you could save. Now the only thing left is to find kitchen fitters in Blackpool to install it for you. Luckily, there are kitchen suppliers in Blackpool that will do everything for you. That’s right, from designing and supplying your kitchen to helping you choose your fixtures and fittings and even help you choose your appliances. If you are looking you buy kitchens in Blackpool then this can all be done in one place.… Read the rest

Business Insurance Claims

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Business insurance claims are not an everyday occurence. If your business suffered a tragic event such as a fire, flood or theft would you know what to do? If you had to submit an insurance claim would you know where to get assistance?

Most business owners have insurance on their commercial properties but don’t know the business insurance claims process. Due to this fact Public Loss Adjusters, an independent claims management company has produced a business insurance claims step by step guide for just such an occasion.

What Does the Business Insurance Claims Guide Contain?

As you would expect business insurance claims are not one step policies, however, they do not have to be as complicated as they first seem. With the assistance of a company such as Public Loss Adjusters to help manage your claim on your behalf these daunting insurance claims can be easily managed.

The guide is broken down into 9 main steps, below are short concise explanations of the first three steps. For more information and the following 6 steps click here.

Plan AheadPlanning is vital for Business Insurance Claims

The first step is to be done prior to an insurance claim. This step is all about planning ahead, to make the insurance claim easier. Start by collecting all insurance documents and making a copy, this copy should then be stored in a safe off-site location. This is done to ensure that access to your insurance documents is available even if the original files are destroyed.

Ensure that contact numbers both in hours and emergency contacts for your insurance company are correct. While large insurance companies usually do not change numbers in some situations they may have too. These companies will then attempt to contact all their policyholders and ensure they know this number has changed. Make sure to keep note of all these numbers as the last situation you want to be in is having a damaged property and no way to contact insurers.

Ensure Your Property Is SafeCommercial Damage Can Cripple A Business

Damage to your property from any event can create dangerous situations. This includes weakened structural integrity which could result in collapsing ceilings and walls creating an obvious danger to anyone inside.

If the damage to the commercial property is severe emergency repair works may need to be carried out. Many insurers will put you into contact with local repair companies and agree to cover the costs to avoid any further damage and limit the danger of the property.

Locate Any Damaged Contents Flood and fire damage can affect almost every item in a business

One of the most important steps of any insurance claim is identifying damaged contents. To completely cover the costs of the claim a comprehensive list must be drawn up. A surveyor will create a full list later in the process. However, it is your responsibility to create a list of contents to work from.

Every business should have a list of contents for all major items in their commercial property. If you have this contents list to hand start by picking the largest item. Then simply work downwards in terms of value and importance to your business. If you do not have this list this step will be harder to complete comprehensively but your best estimate should be recorded.… Read the rest

Flood restoration companies in the UK

Flood Restoration

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If your property has been damaged by a flood or water leak you may be in need of the services from a flood restoration company. Dritech specialise in fire and flood restoration and are a nationwide company covering the whole of the UK.

Your insurance provider may well ask you to find a couple of repair quotes for any flood damage that has occurred. Due to the amount of damage that can be caused by flooding it is imperative that you receive water damage repair estimates from a company that specialises in this type of disaster.

Flood restoration and water damage repairThis is because your local builder may not be as well equipped to deal with a water damaged property. Compared to a company that deals with flood damage on a regular basis, you could be in safer hands with a specialist in the field.

If damage has been caused by a water leak, it is essential that the source is identified as soon as possible. The longer it is left, the more water damage can be caused. This in turn will help to reduce the cost of repairs.

Not only can water damage corrode your property, it can also have a detrimental effect on your health. Water and damp are a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Unfortunately, flood restoration is not an overnight process.

If your insurance cover has temporary accommodation included in the policy, it is recommended that you take this up. Dritech can even recommend Public Loss Adjusters who can take over the management of your insurance claim. This will ensure that you receive your full entitlement and help your insurance claim run more smoothly.

Flood Restoration Companies

When a flood damage repair company is appointed, once the source of the damage has been established, your property will need to be fully dried out. This process has to be completed first of all otherwise it could further damage any repairs that may have been started.

Because water is a liquid it will most likely have found its way into many hard to reach areas of your property. This water will then have to be extracted and drying equipment will then be installed such as dehumidifiers to dry out all of the damp spots.

Once the property is completely dry, your appointed flood restoration company can go about cleaning and decontaminating your property. Furniture may also need cleaning and put into storage whilst your property is repaired.

To ensure that all flood water damage has been identified and is included within your insurance claim, your flood restoration company should now be leasing with either your insurers loss adjuster or your own appointed representative.

This will help to ensure that there are not unexpected extras that have been left out of your claim. At this point, your flood damage repair company will start leasing with you and keeping you informed whilst they complete any building repair work.… Read the rest

What are lantent defects?

What Are Latent Defects?

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Latent defects can be described as a fault within the property that could not have been reasonably discovered through inspection before the point of sale. Generally regarding the sale of a property buyers are legally entitled to inspect a property before taking possession. However, in certain cases it is not possible to identify certain defects that can only be found by testing such as deficiencies within building materials that may come to light over time.

For example; I would not be practical for a potential buyer to go around the property trying to identify deficiencies such as trying to destroy wooden beams or brick walls in order to identify latent defects that may cause problems in the future.

Newly built properties should have a guarantee to protect the purchasers of any latent defects that may come to light down the line which would generally be included within the contract of sale. This would cover the buyer if they suddenly find that repairs are needed in the future during a length of time stated within the contract.

Latent Defects can be caused by poor workmanship or a failure of building materials. In most cases, if the defects are identified within the first couple of years, the original building contractor will normally return to your property to correct the deficiencies themselves.

Causes of Latent Defects

There are many causes of latent defects as listed below:

  • If a damp proof course has failed due to faulty materials or poor installation
  • A building can suffer from damp penetration or rising dampness within the habitable areas of the property
  • Inadequate, shallow or under strength foundations can cause subsidence
  • Inadequate foundations can also cause damage by heave
  • Wall ties or wind posts that are inadequate can cause movement resulting in damage to wall

Do You need Help or Assistance With a Building Claim?

  • Does your property have defects?
  • Was it built, converted or extended within the last 10 years?
  • Does it have the benefit of an insurance backed warranty?

If you answered yes then there may be help out the for you!

What are latent defectsIf your property is suffering from damage caused by latent defects you may be looking for a solution to your problem. Property Defects are a specialist property claims management who specialise in a full range of service related to damaged properties. Working with the Public Loss Adjusters, Property Defects have experienced chartered surveyors, loss adjusters and claims managers who are there to help. If you would like a property claims management company to offer you some help and advice or even manage the claim on your behalf please feel free to visit their website today: the rest

Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters Will Fight For You

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If your property is insured and has suffered from damage, the main advantage of employing Public Loss Adjusters is that they will be working entirely on your behalf!

Unlike a loss adjuster that is employed by your insurer who will be working for them, Public Loss Adjusters are here to ensure that you receive your full entitlement.

Think of it this way, if your insurer offers you a settlement, how would you know that it is going to cover the full cost of repairs? The chances are you don’t!

Public Loss Adjusters have helped thousands of property owners nationwide with their insurance claims and specialise in areas such as:

  • Flood damage
  • Fire damage,
  • Impact damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Theft Damage
  • Property defects

If your property has been subject to any kind of damage along the lines of subsidence, latent defects, flood damage, or a fire and you need help speeding up your claim then Public Loss Adjusters can help you.

They can take care of your entire claim, they can contact your insurers directly for you and take care of the majority of the paper work, except key aspects such as signatures and key information. This allows their loss adjusters to take away much of the stress to free up more of your time so you can focus on other important matters. They also will help in any other way, from getting you a temporary accommodation if your policy allows or just answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Why Choose the Services of a Public Loss Adjuster?

When acquiring Public Loss Adjusters services, they may be able to speed up your claims process dramatically, and get your property back to its pre-damaged state in the quickest and most efficient amount of time. They also constantly negotiate with your insurer to ensure you get the best possible settlement to restore all of your damaged property (Within the constraints of your insurance policy).

Public Loss Adjusters provide a range of services from property damage and the other smaller problems which may arise, taking on any problem which comes their way. Their Chartered Loss Adjusters completely manage your property claim on your behalf.

Public Loss Adjusters often get confused as a Loss assessors which is just a misconception. Yes, we can do exactly what loss assessors do as chartered loss adjusters, we are members of CILA (The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters). They are also regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and are licensed to manage client funds on their behalf. They have a wide range of reviews and testimonials from their clients which can be found on their website.

They offer these wide range of services for a reasonable fee, the fee which we take is 10% + VAT of the final settlement fee which is agreed upon and negotiated with the insurance company; however, three is a way of you acquiring these professional services at absolutely no charge to you. Working with a network of some of the countries most established and experienced contractors. All contractors which joins the Public Loss Adjusters Network goes through a thorough testing and review procedure. This ensures that the contractors appointed to repair or re-build the property are of the highest standard.… Read the rest